Tradition with smoke signals

Stigghiola are entrails, almost always of lamb, which are seasoned with parsley and then roasted on the hot grill twisted on a skewer (the stecca) or around a wisp of shallot. To make it one of the most representative dishes and loved street food in Palermo is the ritual of preparation and cooking, unique in its kind.


You can easily recognize a stigghiolaro because of the imposing towers of smoke rising from the ashes, on roadside stalls or in more or less organized areas, the effect of the fat running on hot coals during the cooking. Once well roasted, the stigghiola are cut into small pieces and well seasoned with salt and lemon. The contrast between the softness of the melting fat and the crunchiness of a roasted meat that tastes somehow bitter, makes this dish a timeless classic, perfect for an afternoon snack.

(Foto ©Vincenzo Puglisi per