Patate bollite

Elixir of life

Inside grocers or near the barrows of fruit and vegetables, you can spot big metal pots or pans filled with boiled vegetables, (artichokes, potatoes) or roasted (onions, peppers). The oldest e most popular of these street food recipes is the boiled potato, served still steaming inside a paper envelope. The potato is skinned and eaten strolling in the cold winter afternoons but also at home, seasoned ad lib.


The love of the Palermitans for this recipe is summarized by a traditional saying: “Cu mancia patate un mori mai” (He who eats potatoes shall never die) related to the nutritious provision of potatoes, capable of keeping at bay even formidable appetites but also to the genuineness of the food. One of the favorite appetizers in Palermo, perfect to assimilate the traditional evening aperitif in the many taverns of the city.

(Foto ©Vincenzo Puglisi per