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Pizzotto is a relatively recent creation in the context of Palermo s street food , probably invented by the rosticcerias that remain open all night. It was born from a combination of two other rotisserie delicacies, pizzetta and calzone al forno. That’s why it looks like a sort of pizzetta stuffed with ham and mozzarella, or a calzone covered with tomato and mozzarella.


In short, the result is a “super-delicacy” dressed both inside and out: a satisfying filling combined with the irresistible feeling of the direct contact of the eye and of the palate of mozzarella and tomato. It is not surprising that over a few years pizzotto has become one of the most beloved rotisserie delicacies, especially among the young.

(Foto ©Vincenzo Puglisi per Crocche.it)