Small is good

All the rotisserie items are more or less produced in Palermo in their mignon version to enjoy different delicacies at the same time, especially during parties or onspecial occasions. Those who have spent her childhood in this city shall not fail to remember incredible binges during school parties on trays full of arancinette, calzoncini al forno e fritti, ravazzatine, sfincionelli, rolloncini and other small delicacies.


The smaller siblings of the traditional rotisserie delicacies are faithful reproductions of their bigger brothers, only just half the size of the original ones (and sometimes even smaller). Some rosticcerias in the city have headed directly to this type of specialty that provides the perfect snack at any time of day, without any guilt of gluttony .

(Foto ©Vincenzo Puglisi per Crocche.it)