A legendary dessert.

Stories and legends about his majesty the Cannolo have been handed down since the times of Cicero, who mentioned one “tubus farinarius dulcissimus”. Emirs and Saracens considered it a “harem dessert”, while in the Nineteen Century it was prepared in the cloisters and today is the symbol of celebrations and conviviality. As the city of Palermo, the cannolo is made by sacred and profane, the attraction of the opposites: the fried waffle, called scorza (“scùoccia” in palermitan) is dark, crisp and almost sour. The cream of ricotta, enriched with sugar, candied fruit and chocolate drops is instead white, creamy and incredibly sweet.


A harmony of contrasts, white and black, crisp and soft, chocolate and candied fruit, contributing to create the perfect dessert, a magical balance of tastes. The cannolo has to be eaten rigorously fresh, better still when filled just seconds before. Many bakers, to help the people who cannot eat it right away, cover the internal waffle with a layer of chocolate to prevent the ricotta from softening the crunchiness of the waffle itself.

(Foto ©Vincenzo Puglisi per