Brioscia con gelato

Made in Sicily

The soft brioche prepared with sugar, eggs, flour and lard, is called “brioscia” in Sicily (sometimes called broscia). Every city in Sicily has different types of brioscia. Near Messina, for instance, it is served with granitas or frozen coffee with cream, while near Catania we can find a kind with a yellow dough, a tone given by saffron.


Throughout Sicily, however, the brioscia is served with ice cream; usually one can choose two or more ice cream flavours with whipped cream and all kinds of trimmings (chocolate castings, cereals, cookies, waffles…). Particular signs of the palermitan brioscia? The “tuppu”, a button on the top of the brioche, made by the same dough that many people eat as a first bite, covering it with ice cream for an exceptional start.

(Foto ©Vincenzo Puglisi per