What’s this?


Street food speaks volumes about Palermo. Crocchè is a way to help visitors and natives of the city to share the same language: that of street food. Street food, eating in the street. Because food and streets are culture, you can eat culture and enjoy it!


Crocchè is a meeting point, a kiosk, a barrow, a lapino ( thee wheel vehicle ), a place where you share what you are eating and eat what you are sharing, starting with info. Those who already have a mouthful can give advice to other people on how to fill theirs. Those who do not know the way can listen to experts, choose their own itinerary and discover the city through its flavours.


Play with the Crocchè map. Find your favourite places, give a judgment and help foreign friends to find their way through the most important stages in the European street food capital, one of the world pageants of street food. It is not a guide, it is a collection of advice. To enjoy roaming the streets, asking a passerby the perfect way.